About Me


We believe there is a moment that is to be captured on film and we aim to find it. There’s nothing more breathtaking than a story that is unfolding right before you as you record it. 

Ben with Visuals by Faces

Owner of Visuals by Faces

Who is Ben with Visuals by Faces? He is a young entrepreneur who is taking videography by storm.  A multi-talented individual who at the young age found a fascination with filming and after being employed for 22 years, took a leap of faith and is now using his company right here in the state of Kentucky and surrounding areas.

He has many years on his belt making short films of his own and is applying that cinematic style to client’s needs for their videos.

“I am blessed to be here in a state or any city or state that celebrates success in others. First giving honor to God, then the people in the surrounding states and the state of Kentucky help to push me to be a better person and business owner.”

– Ben with Visuals by Faces 

Love From Customers

“If it ain’t FACES it ain’t nothing”


There is one thing the photograph must contain – the humanity of the moment.

– Robert Frank –